Paradise Associates

central offices are located in
San Francisco and Los Angeles
but are available nationally as well.

Services are conducted by appointment and on location.

To schedule an appointment, please call...

San Francisco
Los Angeles
~~ 415 ~ 834 ~ 0450 ~~
~~ 310 ~ 829 ~ 5286 ~~
~ int'l 001 ~ 415 ~ 834 ~ 0450  ~~
~ int'l 001 ~ 310 ~ 829 ~ 5286 ~~

Please Note: It has come to our attention that our long established phone numbers and
caller IDs have been spoofed. This means that they maybe used without our permission
for telemarketing or robo calling. Paradise Associates neither shares nor sells any information
and would never condone such misuse as unsolicited calls. Unless expecting a call from us, do
not answer a call with a Paradise Associates caller ID. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Presently, with our high demand, may we suggest allowing a minimum of 3-6 months
lead time in scheduling appointments with 8 weeks minimum for processing
of any reports from examination to delivery.

The San Francisco office caters to the greater Bay Area, offering services
by appointment in office or on location, for any appraisal need. The Los Angeles office offers services primarily for large collections requiring coordination with insurance or estates,
as well as expert witness work.

Paradise Associates has a network of qualified experts in many fields,
if you seek more than just jewelry appraisals you can submit your inquiries below.

For questions and requests,
please utilize the form provided below.

Please provide your location for swifter assistance
Please allow 48-72 hr response time.



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