Paradise Associate Services

Paradise Associates specializes in appraisals for:
  • insurance coordination,
  • estate tax purposes,
  • donation,
  • equitable division,
  • personal inventory
Consulting services include:
  • gemstone certificate verification,
  • comparable replacement validation,
  • gemstone quality analysis,
  • insurance schedule coordination,
  • auction and major acquisition consultation,
  • expert witness and case consulting

Services are conducted on site in the convenience of the home, bank or office.

The San Francisco office caters to the greater Bay Area, offering services
by appointment in office or on location, for any appraisal need. The Los Angeles office offers services primarily for large collections and estates but remains on limited services since the loss of their office in one of the California Wildfires.

Typically, appointments are scheduled two to four months in advance with turn around time a minimum of six to eight weeks, and commensurate to the volume and scope of work.

Research, academic studies and expert witness work is also offered on a case by case basis. Additional Associates and Colleagues offer a vast Global referral base.
For further information, please contact the appropriate office
for your particular needs by going to the Contact Us page.



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