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Paradise Associates are experienced, qualified, independent appraisers of fine antique, classic and contemporary art jewelry that have served the San Francisco and Los Angeles for over 30 years. Paradise Associates' are available by appointment and offer on-site services.  Paradise Associate appraisers are qualified to meet your appraisal needs, specializing in insurance and estate appraisals, as well as donation, forensic reconstruction, equitable distribution, collection and schedule coordination, and expert witness work. Consultation services are available for more general purposes such quality verification, discussions of value, and confirmation of qualified replacements.  Fees are based on a per hour rate for on-site, research and generation time.

Our insurance reports are prepared to provide enough detail of the items examined in the description that, along with the embedded digital images, provide for close to exact replacement, should it be needed. Listed in the narrative reports are the type of construction, dimensions of the piece, metal content, finish, weight, and quality analysis of all gemstones contained in the item.

Paradise Associates works directly with the clients, personal assistants, insurance agents, property managers, and attorneys to ensure that all aspects of the assignment is provided for properly.  This would also entail the review of any and all previous documentation that exists to safeguard accuracy, addressing any existing discrepancies, verification of inventory, and to assist in the research of the property.  Paradise Associates appraisers check each item for unsafe conditions and any missing and/or broken aspects, during review, to preempt situations that may affect the integrity and lasting enjoyment of your treasures.

Allow Paradise Associates to work on your appraisal needs in the comfort of your home, bank, or office.  Paradise Associates services are by appointment only and currently scheduling 3 months in advance.  Please allow 6-8 weeks turnaround time once the items have been examined.  Larger or complex assignments may take longer.

These are just the main functions of Paradise Associates.  If you have other appraisal needs please let us know of your inquiry, either by email or calling from the Contact Us page.

We look forward to meeting your appraisal needs.



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